Exhibition Dates: November 7 – December 19, 2014     

Opening Reception: November 7 from 6-8 pm  

PHOTOBOOK brings together diverse book projects and photographs from those books in an exhibition that asks how the the presentation of a photographic image influences its effect on the viewer. How do we consider an image seen in a book that we hold as opposed to a photograph in a frame hanging on a wall? The exhibit presents seven books and 12 prints selected from an open call. Subject matter and book styles vary among the selected projects; the show will include idiosyncratic documentary style photography alongside black and white still lives, and traditionally bound books next to books that play with the formal conventions of the medium. PHOTOBOOKincludes books and photographs by: Anna Agoston (Brooklyn, NY), Jordan Baumgarten (Philadelphia, PA), Leda Black (Washington, DC), Kristin Gudbrandsdottir (Falls Church, VA), Jay Turner Frey Seawell (Washington, DC), Tatiana Shukhin (Takoma Park, MD), and Luke Strosnider (Chicago, IL).