The Few…The Proud… | Jo Ann Block

Exhibition: January 26 – March 3, 2018

Opening Reception: January 26, 6 – 9pm

Artist Talk: February 10, 2-4pm

The Few…The Proud… is an homage to the lives of older butch lesbians who broke down gendered barriers decades ago, paving the way for the queer generations to follow.  The show exposes the guts it takes to live one’s entire life outside gendered norms–identities that are not trans and not femme, but somewhere along the spectrum in between. These intimate portraits of older butch lesbians, with bodies decidedly female, are posed and clad in ways that lay bare the fierce determination that informs the contours of their lifelong genderqueer existence.  I share a personal history with these four lesbians who are part of a queer community in my hometown in California.  My intention is to have others see what I see… fierce women who are still a force to be reckoned with even with physical signs of age.