Exhibition: Oscillations 1/18/19-3/9/19

By Tracy Wilkerson and Griffin Byron

Opening Reception 1/18/19 6-9PM


Tracy Wilkerson

After more than twenty years in corporate America, with a double Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Indiana State University, Wilkerson began creating of one of a kind greeting cards. With repeated visits to the landfill for discarded items, she kept coming up with creative ways of using unusual objects. Wilkerson states that the materials inspire her to create, sometimes moving and growing as other items are discovered. Focused in the Del Ray community of Northern Virginia, her work has been called high-concept, minimalist and one-of-a-kind. She just calls it fun.


Griffin Byron

Griffin Byron, PhD is an Australian-American artist living and working in the DC area. He earned his PhD in Multimedia Art from Brown University in 2013 and also holds a Master of Arts in Creative Arts & Technology as well as Computer, Music & Multimedia Arts and, a Master of Management in Computer Music Composition. Byron shared his knowledge by teaching at Brown University and Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts from 2002 through 2009. He has written a plethora of papers focusing on music, performance, technology and theory. Currently he is a Museum Assistant for The Phillips Collection, while creating his own pieces exploring the relationship between the organic and the synthetic through the deconstruction and abstraction of the world around us.