birdsdecay | Benjamin K. Nguyen


Benjamin K. Nguyen

opens: April 14, 2012

reception with artist: May 4 @ 6pm

April 14 – June 29th

birdsdecay, Benjamin Nguyen’s solo exhibit at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions, opens on Saturday, April 14th. LUMEN8Anacostia is from noon – midnight along with Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab’s open house. An opening reception with the artist will be held on May 4th.


it’s a shame that beauty is temporal.

it is here and then gone. forever.

capture this very moment.

embrace it. enjoy it.

even the birds, who are so free, will die.

i digress. i collect.

About the Artist: Benjamin K. Nguyen is a self-taught, multidisciplinary visual artist from Northern Virginia. Selections from the latest release of his ongoing project birdsdecay emphasize geometrics in organic form. This focus allows Nguyen to explore the inherent mathematical qualities in his chosen subjects. Whether through visual design, photography, or cinematography, Nguyen is obsessed with advancing ever-expanding visual theories. While cinematography has been his ultimate goal from the beginning, he is not interested in shortcuts. Instead, Nguyen has set out to master the basic fundamentals of framing, composition, time, color, and especially lighting–all of which he takes on with a Zen approach. Before even loading film into a camera, he thought it best to start with graphic design. It was not until after Nguyen proved to himself that he could successfully produce work for major clients that he took up photography, making his first and most essential photographic goal to simply master the capturing of a single instance in time. This is his first show in the Washington, DC area.

All images printed for this exhibit by Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab.