Migrations | Deborah Terry

January 2010

Photographer, Deborah Terry will be exhibiting at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions with a solo exhibition entitled Migrations, illuminating the lives of twodisparate groups at odds in the Darfur conflict; the nomadic families of herders/warriors known as Janjaweed, and the refugees displaced by them.

Deborah Terry is the Vice President and Creative Director of the International LIfeline Fund ( www.lifelinefund.org ), based in Washington DC. In 2005, she helped found ILF with her partner Daniel Wolf in memory of his father, the late Professor George Wolf. Rising from humble beginnings in Washington DC, Terry started shooting photography in the late 1980?s. She moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion photography. From fashion, she expanded her creative ability to music photography, working for various records labels in NYC. More recently she has turned to a more personally fulfilling undertaking, focusing on the challenge of uncovering the desperate plight of refugees and other impoverished peoples while capturing the simplicity and grace of their everyday life. Her development work dovetails with her photography as she sheds light on some of the least known issues and challenges of these conflict zones.