Jean Noel L’Harmeroult solo exhibit Non Photos

May 4 -July 23, 2010

Non-Photos is a series of digital prints created from the accidental exposures at the top of each reel, first exposed to light. These accidental exposures create a subtle, magnificent image. With a well practiced editorial eye, certain Non-Photos have been selected by the artist and developed into large scale prints. Combined as triptychs, arrays and monolithic solo images, the Non-Photos are haunting and reminiscent of landscapes, color field paintings, or possibly fire. Clear white light, vibrant yellow hues, rich burnt browns, intense navy and black colors boldly saturate the viewer’s eye, the heavy pigment contrasting with a feeling of light.

Passport DC has been expanded to the entire month of May. For four weeks, visitors and residents can celebrate and sample international culture and heritage in Washington, DC. Many of DC’s more than 200 embassies and international cultural centers will open their doors to showcase their culture, art, music, dance and food.

Show contact: Beth Ferraro p) 202-365-8392 or